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In business, the woods can be dark & deep.  Good to travel with someone that has

gone this way before.  

Small Businesses are facing incredible challenges

• Post 2008 recession traditional capital and financing was shut off

•Workforce and government regulations - minimum wage, benefits, Dept of Labor, Millennial generation

•Internet and social media - two-edged sword

• Business owners already wearing too many hats, difficult to keep up in this fast changing world, need economies of scale to afford expertise

Toolbox of

(small) Small Business Essentials


•Time management and productivity – working “on” vs “in”


•Data – financials, accounting, cash, sales, KPIs


•People – Leadership and organizational design, talent, millennials


•Product & Competition 


•Marketing, Sales & Promotion


•Growth - Where do you go from here, exit?

Technology driven innovation and business process improvement

•   Coffee shop group turnaround - data driven, servant  leadership design.  88% YOY sales growth, 18% increase per ticket sales, 58 of 61 reviews positive, large majority five star,  Very significant social media presence, loyalty list in excess of  4,000 patrons.

•    Productivity suite of routing/scheduling software, GPS tracking, in-vehicle navigation & wireless mobile apps for same-day delivery truck fleets and field service & repair techs.  20% more deliveries or jobs completed in a day, driving 10% less miles. 

•    Small business marketing – 10% more covers from internet marketing, social media. customer loyalty, website SEO (Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Big Data, business intelligence)

•    3D Rapid tool building – reduced time to build injection molding tools from 5 weeks to 5 days

•    3D Rapid product development - reduced time from concept to market from 26 to 13 weeks

•    Global supply chain – production planning (500 containers/month), quality & inventory control

•    Lean manufacturing – reduced product SKUs 1/3, reduced inventory 25%, scrap 18% to 6%, productivity increased 40%, gross profit 7% to 31%.

•    Advanced Manufacturing – factory and warehouse automation, 3D desktop printing, robotics

John S Handler

“The future really is in the hands of men like John Handler with their Harvard MBAs who aren't afraid to put their education and talent to work creating wealth rather than managing portfolios on Wall Street" .... Lee A. Iacocca, Chrysler Corporation

With a foundation of strong academics, hands-on operational experiences in manufacturing, supply chain, turnarounds, growth and M&A.  And in parallel, many years of small business experience owning and operating restaurants pioneering Internet marketing and social media.  Am able to provide a unique perspective and coach business owners and new businesses on how to “work on your business”.   How to get control of your business, how to get and manage the growth of your business and if need be exit strategies. 

Extensive track record of using technology to drive innovation and improve business processes:

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